Basic Life Support (BLS)

Utilized primarily for transport of stable patients, BLS units are staffed by two Emergency Medical Technicians(EMT). Certified by the state of Indiana, all of our EMTs are trained to care for the sick and injured.

These providers may transport patients to/from medical appointments when other methods of transport may not be applicable. They can be used for both local and long distance transfers. They may also transport patients to nursing homes, rehab facilities, and hospice centers for continued care.

BLS ambulances are very versatile. EMTs can transport patients into the hospital as well and assist on emergency calls when appropriate.

Tri-County's BLS Ambulances Feature

  • Indiana and nationally certified EMTs
  • Radio Communication
  • Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD)
  • GPS tracking and in-cab guidance
  • Powered cots with 700lbs capacity
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
  • Automated vital sign monitoring
  • Oxygen and suction equipment
  • Bandaging, splinting, and other specialty equipment

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